This morning we started to work on our News Report for the BBC School Report.  We met in our LRC (Learning Resource Centre) and began reading todays news.

The pace of the morning was quick, I am updating on the key timings and focus of the next hour!

09:20: Student journalists at Kearsley Academy begin to scan through local and national newspapers searching for eligible stories to take up.

09:25: Editors also begin to research using the internet and popular news websites such as Newsround on the BBC website.

09:30: Children are choosing and proposing certain articles to the Year 10 editors.  We are writing articles that are going to be of interest to our local community, as well as school children.  This means we need to find articles that are ‘newsworthy’ as well as suitable for our target audience.

09:35: Editors are building a collection of possible articles ranging from ‘carrots that cure cancer’ to the missing plane in Kuala Lumpur.

09:45: We begin to take photos of different aspects of the new room, taking some photographs of the busy journalists!

09:50: The working atmosphere is flowing. Year Seven students are constantly providing us with news story ideas that have real potential of making it on to the BBC website.

09:55: As we have been developing our journalism techniques in journalism club we have previously focused on community stories.  We have decided that we will cover the charity run within our own school from Lands End to John O’ Groats and even more ! We ran a collective of 700 miles together a massive 97miles extra ! This was for Sports Relief.

10:05: Select students begin to enquire about how children’s literature can impact on children’s development from an article in today’s Metro.

10:10: Mr Baxter interviewed about the sports relief day.

10:15: An audio file taken from Mrs Godwin has been downstairs to the technicians to try and see if having it on our blog is a possibility.

10:40: Kaine and Oliver interview a teacher from a local primary school about the story as it has roots in how literature impacts on the early development of children.

11:00 Blog wrapped up and newspaper reports ready to be finalized and headlined !
! YEAH !